The Mystery

Incarnational Parenting

Merriam-Webster defines mystery as “a religious truth that one can know only by revelation and cannot fully understand.” God is one such Mystery.

Through grace we can reflect upon God’s works and understand creation, but we cannot “think” our way to God because He is essentially mysterious, beyond comprehension, unfathomable; in Him we encounter something ‘wholly other’ which strikes us numb with wonder and makes us recoil in awe. Incarnational Christian Parenting recognizes that to awaken a child to this wonderful Mystery, we must translate their faith into living experiences. God cannot, in the strictest sense be taught; He can only be evoked, awakened in the heart and the mind. Engaging Mystery is the task of bringing our children, through living experiences of faith, ritual, and family life, to an encounter with God their Creator.


Incarnational Parenting is the call to have your family life, in particular the things you do as parents, represent Christ - to have your family's rituals, myths, and conversations point to God in the spirit of embodiment.

At the Incarnation, the Divine Spirit entered and dwelled in the created and human spirit of Jesus. God came down to the very roots of the nature he created so that he might re-ascend, bringing the whole ruined world with him. By "Incarnational Parenting," the union of the divine and the natural is still implied, and the divine agent is the same - God. However, the natural element is the project of parenting, and it is the actions we take as parents that God intends to inhabit and redeem. 




Katie has her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College. In this capacity, Katie enjoys working with underserved individuals suffering from severe or chronic mental illness and emotional problems. She is dedicated to the task of equipping the Church as they care for the unique needs of this population. In additions, Katie continues to expand a new form of Christian integration that  promotes the healing and growth of the whole individual - spirit, body, and mind. 


Daniel has his bachelor's degree in Agricultural Economics from Auburn University. He is the fourth generation owner and farmer at his family's Penry Farms (Azalea Yams). There, he grows approximately 2000 acres of sweet potatoes, cotton, and peanuts. He has been recognized at the state and national level for his leadership in the farming community, and is excited to support advancement in clean pest control, conservation tillage, and precision agriculture. 

Lois Lee

Lois is our only child. She was born May, 2013 and has been an absolute joy! As of right late, she enjoys eating her hands, holding her head up, laughing, and sleeping. Born at almost ten pounds and 23 inches, she is our beloved "big baby." We pray daily that she would continue to be filled with the fruits of the Spirit and  so far, its paying off. She is the gentlest, most patient baby we have had the pleasure of loving. Lois was welcomed into the family of God August 4,2013.